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1853 – 1890. Dutch post-Impressionist painter.

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Vincent van Gogh

Here are all the paintings of Jerome-Martin Langlois 01

ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
44047 Diana and Endymion Jerome-Martin Langlois Diana and Endymion Oil on canvas, 318 x 211 cm
90643 Generosite d'Alexandre Jerome-Martin Langlois Generosite d'Alexandre 1819(1819) Medium oil on canvas cyf
62823 Portrait of Jacques-Louis David Jerome-Martin Langlois Portrait of Jacques-Louis David 1824 Oil on canvas, 88 x 75 cm Musee du Louvre, Paris David's features continued to be twisted by the growth of his tumour; the Scottish novelist Sir Walter Scott said that the painter's face was the most hideous he had ever seen

Jerome-Martin Langlois
French Academic Painter, 1779-1838
Vincent van Gogh
All the Vincent van Gogh's Oil Paintings

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